Wednesday, May 22, 2013

50-Mile Weeks

It is really perverse that runners like talking about their injuries and limitations.  

I'm back up to my 50-mile weeks -- plus, despite what appears to be a IT-Band injury.  The IT-Band is a group of tendons stretching from the knee to the hip.   When they get irritated it is often very much like sciatica -- the leg acts like it isn't getting a proper electrical fire.  And, at times it can be painful to the extent the leg won't bend.   I experience it mainly on downhill runs.  I'm forced to limit my runs to road work and I'm staying off the trails.  But, I'm getting a huge amount of great, long, speedwork in -- particularly when I come across another runner.  One of my favorite speedwork sites is a long frontage road along the I-5 freeway.   During rush hour, I can beat the traffic from one exit to the other a mile away.

The IT-Band injury takes a whale of a long time to heal; it may never.  I suspect I got it in my 100-mile run on my Hokas, and then aggravated it running the 50-miler a month later without proper medial support.   I'd been feeling twinges for a year, however, not thinking anything.

As well, my kidney stones are really attacking me after each run.  I've been putting off the surgery for three years; now, it is getting miserable.  I'll run myself into a hospital if I keep putting in daily 15 miles runs with zero water.

The fun and joy of long running!