Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Training

I'm starting training for my back-to-back 50s in April, so I'm moving off the street onto the trail.

Today I did my 14-mile circuit, which includes the ascent of the local The Beast.   Today, there was snow on the trail starting at 2000 feet, and by the time I was at the summit at 3500 feet there were two inches of snow.  This was a rare day for Southern California.   It was slipping and sliding on the ice for much of the run.  I ran into other runners making the ascent, another rarity, and we celebrated the splendid day.  A great day to make up for all the blistering hot ascents in the past.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More recovery

Yesterday's 12 miler was the first run since December 31 where the tendinitis in my knees didn't scream out. I started to develop it at about 70 miles in my 102 miler. Finally at the end of the tunnel. On to the two tough 50 milers I have in April. I've been eyeing a March 100 but I really don't like the cold. I don't make good judgments in long sub freezing runs. Like, I think I'm warm enough when I'm really not.