Saturday, September 25, 2010

YMCA Stair Climb 16:44 and Castaic Triathlon

Friday September 25, 2010 I completed the YMCA Stair Climb in 16:44. The 75 story run was in a very crowded, hot and stuffy stairwell. About 1000 people competed but in the stairwell at any one time were about 70 people. I passed dozens on my way up and was never passed. As the building got narrower at the top the stairwell became narrower and people were grasping both rails, left and right, to ascend. That made passing them tough. At the very last story a young woman refused to let me pass her. I guess she had been passed too many times.

The website has me listed at 30 years old. My law firm was a sponsor and I received a complimentary VIP pass; I guess the HR person who registered me thought I was 30.

The next day I ran the annual Boy Scout Triathlon in Castaic Lake and came in at 1:18:16. The best time was 1:03. My rank can be seen here. It was a swim, mountain bike and run. I was third next to last coming out of the water. My 17-year-old son was one of the earliest out of the water, but I passed him on the bike route about two miles into it. Fortunately I lost only about 3 minutes from my slow water start. Last year I had done a little better in the swim.

I passed forty or fifty on the bike course and about 20 on the run. I ran with two sons, my 15 year old and my 17 year old, Nate and Tadd.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lone Peak Sept 4, 2010

On September 4, 2010, I summitted with son Rob Lone Peak on the Wasatch Front. I always wanted to do this peak because it is one of the more spectacular from the valley basin.

The summit of Lone Peak is 11,253 feet. The altitude of the Orson Smith Trailhead in Draper is 4800 feet. So, the altitude gain is quite significant.

What also sets this hike apart from many is that the first part of the ascent gives a wonderful view of the valley floors of both Utah and Salt Lake Counties. During the dark the LDS Draper Temple really stood out.

The second part of the ascent is through what is known as the "Cirque," which is a rock formation you can see in the photos.