Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mt. Lovenia August 2010

In the week of August 16, 2010, brother Dave and his friends Dave, Carl, Brad and Kyle spent six days in the high Uintas.

On Wednesday, we summited Mt. Lovenia, a very remote peak at 13219 feet, Utah's second highest. Few climb it. There is no trail to top and most of the climb was scrambling up wicked boulders and scree. There were a few difficult spots through chimneys; it was so scary to the casual hiker that naturally I took no pictures in the tough spots.

What makes Utah's highest peaks so challenging is the distance from the nearest trailhead. It is a three day hike to get to Lovenia. We started at the West Fork Blacks Fork trailhead, and followed the Class 3 Northwest Ridge of Lovenia to the summit. We then descended into the basin west of Lovenia and circled the south of Lovenia to exit the East Fork Blacks Fork trailhead.

Three of us then did some very difficult trail running from the East Fork to the West Fork across two passes and about 13 miles so that we could get our cars from West Fork and return to pick up our friends at East Fork.

The scenery is fabulous. It was wet and green, in contrast to the Sierras, which are drier. Thursday night we suffered rain and snow at the foot of Squaw pass. An adventure, often a grueling physical challenge, not to be forgotten! Thanks to Dave and friends for inviting me.