Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Run

Well, I turned 42 today. I went running one of my absolute favorite runs today, an ascent through Whitney Canyon (SR-14 and San Fernando in Newhall, CA) to the Nike Base (Fire Jump Station No. 9 at the top of Bear Divide), down to Placerita Canyon Drive, through Walker Ranch and to the Nature Center and back again. Twenty something miles with a lot of vertical.

This time I ran it with Son-In-Law No. 2 Casey. He and I are planning to run the 50K in Twin Peaks, Orange County. Casey pushed me extremely hard so we ran this route faster than I had ever done it before, shaving 1/2 hour off my best time. It was a great run; a little muddy from the recent rains. Parts of the trail were close to getting washed out due to the recent fires in the area; the northern slope of this portion of the Angeles National Forest was burned out three years ago but there was enough growth to fuel some of the fire from the Sayler fire burning on the southern slope.

One of my favorite sections is actually on the road coming down from Bear Divide, where I usually book it for about two miles. Some Dire Straits, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard or the Scorpions (but not too much of them; I find most of their music repulsive) is all I need for motivation.

I also love this run because there is a water fountain at the jump station at the very top and water in Walker Ranch at the bottom on the way back.

Twenty miles of real hard running and not sore one bit! Nor was I hungry at the end; one breakfast bar and two Hammer Gel packs was enough. My legs still have it for the big one coming up..

Monday, November 24, 2008

November's Post

So, I haven't posted much. I continue to battle a nerve injury I've had for 20 months. A compression in my spine at C5-C6 has caused my right hand to be numb and painful, and the docs are divided as to whether running has anything to do with it. So instead of preparing for my 50K in December I've been doing low impact workouts at the gym. Basically, stairclimbing and some treadmill work. All sorts of traction, therapy, spinal injections and drugs have not made a dent. Not a dent, I tell you.

The month layoff of running has done nothing to improve my condition.

So, I continue to browse on-line for prosthetic hooks. They come in different colors now, instead of stainless steel.

But, I am still signed up for the 50K and may run it cold. I say, cold, I tell you. That will play heck on my hamstrings, which are hard to keep up in the gym in any way with aerobic machines.